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Originally, The Grand approached us asking for a quote to host an existing, WordPress, website. However, upon looking at the quality of our work, they commissioned a brand new site that would embrace some new technologies.

"The Grand is one of our most inspiring clients to date. Their passion for positive impact across all ages, races, and genders is infectious." - Huw Prosser, Founder

The entire site is completely tailored to The Grand's needs and busy way of working. Employees can change many aspects of the site including adding new workshops, events etc.

The website can also run without any need for input from inside The Grand due to their use of our support service.

We offer a monthly support service from £40.00/month to maintain and run your website for you.

An example of these new technologies would be how we have changed the website so that it would be completely driven by their existing Google Calendar and a powerful content management system (CMS).

The Grand often deals with people in urgent need of services such as Samaritans and the Emergency Services. With this in mind, we included Live Chat and easy to understand contact information.

To build this website, we used NODE.JS apostrophe CMS(custom build), lambda serverless functions and other Amazon Web Services features for other hosting needs.

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Did you know? The Grand has more projects with us than any other client. We've produced a Podcast, Videography services, Two websites and an App.