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Originally, Pepper Sq approached us to work on Phase 2 of their business plan. After hearing what we other services we offered and seeing a working prototype in our first meeting, they also awarded us the contract for Phase 1. 

Pepper Sq, is an innovative furniture business that offers individual furniture pieces and also entire room designs. We worked closely with Pepper Sq over the course of 2018 to produce their first website. We worked alongside another company, Spinach, who designed the look and feel for the website.

Furthermore, we also produced an Augmented Reality app concept that is rather futuristic and revolutionary in its design.

Part of Blooware's mission is to ensure that our clients get the best service in order to achieve their end goal. Even if it means transitioning to another agency. We were pleased to guide Pepper Sq into an alternative agency over the first quarter of 2019 in order to fulfill their company's aspirations at a price point that suited them.

We absolutely love the work on their current site and are proud to have been part of such a fantastic idea.

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Did you know? In our first ever meeting, we presented a prototype for their Augmented Reality!


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