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Netmix was developed and built in 2018 to help find a solution for an all too common problem. Our client had a vision that would revolutionize business networking and make it work for everyone involved. Netmix helps people from the business community to easily connect with others who are in the room by using complex matching algorithms.

Additionally, Netmix also features Molli, our AI assistant that we have been developing for over three years to help manage attendance and improve hospitality based tasks. In Netmix, Molli helps users of the app to find each other while also recommending things to do or see at the event or even near the event!

Furthermore, Netmix has an online portal in which our client can create, manage and assess their events.

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Did you know? Netmix is entirely serverless, meaning it costs very little to run, scales automatically on demand and has a much higher reliability rate.


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