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Molli first started as a digital receptionist when Huw Prosser, our founder, was just 17 and still in education at Leigh UTC in Dartford. Molli was created to make the reception welcoming and less susceptible to human error when it came to accurate attendance data.

Molli is now Blooware’s toolkit for most projects requiring a form of AI. Molli can see, hear and even speak using the most up to date machine learning methods and services. Analytics are easy and data trends are second nature to her funny and committed personality. Molli allows us to apply previously expensive AI methods to smaller issues such as warehouse management and job search.


This project has evolved from early days of Microsoft .NET all the way into today’s new methods such as serverless architectures, node.js back ends and modern app frameworks such as ionic and react.

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Did you know? Molli was the reason Blooware was founded.